Ponte Verde


Perched between Antipolo, the city in the sky, and Laguna, the carving capital of the Philippines. Enjoy a majestic view of Laguna Lake and Pilillia Windmills.

Why Ponte Verde
Windmill Farm
Windmill Farm

Escape to a Home with Promise of Serenity

Adjacent to the borders of urban crowdedness, there is Ponte Verde - a master planned community spanning 18.8 hectares. Ponte Verde is located at the Greenfield Municipality of Pililla, Rizal.

Features and Amenities:

  • Fully-Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guardhouse

  • Wide Concrete Roads

  • Paved Sidewalks with Concrete Curbs and Gutter

  • Underground Storm Drainage System

  • Electrical Facilities

  • Centralized Water System

  • Shaded Trees and Mercury Lamps along the Roads

  • Community Clubhouse

  • Swimming Pool

  • Basketball Court

  • Children's Playground

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